About Us

Strokes Swim School was started by Sheryll Searle in 2007 with the help of her daughter Kathyrn Searle. Lessons were a sure starter running on Saturday mornings at Norwich High School for Girls. As their reputation for great lessons spread, the numbers started to increase. From this they then expanded into a Tuesday evening session and again the numbers really started to grow from here. In March 2011 they decided to employ Liam Harvey as an assistant teacher at the age of 19 to help out in the water with the children's lessons. For the next 3 years Liam remained part of the team, leading the pre-comp sessions on a Saturday and developing them into running a small fitness programme.

In January 2014, Liam took over the Swim School as Sheryll and Kathyrn felt the time was right to move on to other things. From January the swim school has gone from strength to strength; we have taken on 3 extra members of staff and taken on an extra 100 swimmers into the programme. To date, we still remain one of the most affordable and quality swim schools in Norwich and plans are to keep it that way.

We now have over 200 swimmers over 3 days of the week with 5 members of staff within the programme and still expanding. The main ethos of the company is to continue to provide quality, affordable lessons, in a fun and engaging way. We follow the National Plan for Teaching Swimming which is framework set down by the governing body for swimming; the ASA. This plan goes from the basic movement skills needed in Stage 1-7 which are called the FUNdamental skills